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A fargler (i.e., one who fargles) is one who participates, or attempts to participate, in the following described activities: One male performing sodomy on another, and when on the point of ejaculating, he "lets loose" inside of his partner's anus. He then positions himself under the partner with the semen lodged in his anus. This partner then flatulates out the sperm, and the man under him receives it in his mouth. He then gargles with the semen.
That guy is such a fargler.
by Munk February 20, 2005
1. The Sheer Peek of Coolness
2. A work to be used to describe akward silences or lack of words
1. "wow Cat and Tom are so Shardatage"
2. "As i met her ex boyfriend there was a real shardatage moment.
by Munk September 30, 2004
History-derived from Snoop Doggy Dizzle
1.a substitution for the sylables at the ends of various words.(commonly used to get a laugh out of your drunk friends while shooting pool at one's girlfriend's house.

Ex.1-(Without "izzle") "Rack up the balls and lets shoot some pool."
(With "izzle") "Rizzle up the bizzles and lizzle sizzle some pizzle.
Ex.2-(Without "izzle") "I really need to take a piss very badly."
(With "izzle") "I rizzle nizzle to tizzle a pizzle vizzle bizzle.
by munk December 09, 2002
A poor insult usually used by someone of limited intelligence as an insult.
See trev
Person A: You are an unintelligent troglodyte
Person B: Well...Your Mum!
by Munk July 23, 2003
The act of participating in fargling, in cooperation with another fargler to achieve and complete the act of fargling. For information on what a fargler is, please click on one of the above links.
I tried to fargle with that guy, but he like totally ignored me! What a thnob!
by Munk March 26, 2005
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