5 definitions by Munir Waiters

Getting head from somebody of the opposite sex without giving nothing back in return
Yeah shorty hooked me up with some free throws last night then I went to sleep!
by Munir Waiters November 18, 2003
High or drunk to the point that is shows on your face. It can be an feeling or a description.
Yo I am Guuked right now, I drunk like to shots of henny and smoked a L.
by Munir Waiters November 18, 2003
When you're gassing up a chick so good that she ready to give up the butt either that night or in the near future!
I was Spittin-Platinum to shorty last night, so she said is going to come over to my house to have sex.
by Munir Waiters November 18, 2003
To show off when there is no need to do so and look stupid doing it.
Say a guy/gal is driving a car with 20" rims cruising 10 mph in front of a chic club and all of a sudden they run out of gas! Someone on line says "that dude is a straight poppee-show."
by Munir Waiters November 17, 2003
A female that looks sexy or a female that looks like she is ready to have sex!
Did you see Maya on the cover of that magazine. She is Wet!
by Munir Waiters November 18, 2003

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