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1 definition by Mundelein Resident

A Suburb of 30,935 about 30 miles north of Chicago, known for whinny teenagers who like to trash-talk it behind anonymous pseudonyms on various web sites.

It is a diverse community, with both large Hispanic & Asian communities, and is home to Mary of the Lake Seminary, in which, the teen pregnancy rate is low, & there has never been a gang fight.

Much to the chagrin of teenagers who are recently licensed to drive, Mundelein is not considered a big "Party Town", and the police take exception when, said teens, take the local speed limit as nothing more than a suggestion. On the bright side, there's such a large retail tax base, that, like Vernon Hills, there is no annual vehicle tax.

The South East corner of Mundelein boasts a great industrial section, (Home to Medline), with factories that employ thousands.
I mean, look at the other definitions here! Total copy & paste! Probably the same person(s) since this is the only definition "they've" posted.

Mundelein is 20-30% Hispanic.

DUDE! That cop pulled me over for a TOTALLY bullshit reason! Sure! He followed me around the same three blocks twice, but we were confused after smoking that joint!
by Mundelein Resident March 14, 2011