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Short for "you ones"; could also be used in place of:
you guys
you all
Yinz goin' to da Stillers game?
by Munda November 22, 2002
A not-so pleasent aromatic combination of ball sweat and naturally occuring body odor - originating on, around or from under (fumunda) one's testicles

a.k.a. - dick cheese
Hey ladies, would you care for some fumunda cheese with your wine?

Heh, Fumunda? I've never heard of that. Where is it from?

Fumunda my nuts!
by Munda November 20, 2002
The cluster of buildings in any metropolitan area; otherwise known as "Downtown"

Generally exclusive to the Pittsburgh area.
yinz goin' Dahn tahn?

by Munda November 22, 2002
A huge miser who will remember every transaction he/she ever made for you no matter how small it is.
Wife: There is a mosquito in your tea.
Husband: No, i cant waste this 5 rupees tea. I am a bhavin. I can lick the cup clean and eat the free mosquito as well. Ah free blood as well.
by munda November 27, 2014
A transgender person sexually attracted to animals.
He is a mukesh. So he is with animals
by munda November 27, 2014
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