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A girl who binges on boys, ingesting them with frightening speed and agility, before running off and examining and analyzing them to the max until she can feel her stomach turning, THEN she barfs them up until there’s nothing about them left in her mind (or "thighs") and flushes them away down the toilet, never to be thought of or worried about again.
My friend Inna is Bulimic with Boys, in the fact she can never find one to hold her attention for more than two days.
by Muna July 09, 2006
Who ever said islam is a copied religion and is made by arabs is totaly wrong u really don't know wat ur talking about u need to get ur facts straight before writing a bunch of lies. AND ISLAM always existed ok islam came to all the profets but things were different wit every profet and we did not copy the christians and jews its just that our religions r similiar but we disagree in some things.
all of yall haters have no knowledge of islam, if yall did u wouldn't be talking so much shit about this GREAT RELIGION.
by Muna May 24, 2005

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