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someone so ***out there***, that they wear tinfoil hats-- or perceive messages from their amalgam tooth fillings. its roots are from mental institution paranoia and has progressed to today's contemporary society.

Politically, this may be a derogatory comment towards conspiracy theorists and is akin to birthers and their ilk.
He's a real tinfoiler: he believes those stories that other ethnicities eat fetus baby soup-- just because it is on the 'Net.

She thinks the ants took her sunglasses from the picnic-- she's a tinfoiler.

Tinfoilers believe that the End of Days is nigh, because of who won the election.
by Mumsie Dogma October 11, 2009
While on facebook, the red square signals that someone responded to your post in some fashion.

For fanatic fb'ers, it is a wait-and-see hunger and satiety experience.
After I posted the concert photos, I got 6 red squares of affirmation.

I could see the red square of affirmation from across the room. It made me very happy.
by Mumsie dogma February 27, 2011
An exclamation of delight or amazement.
"I am making a German Chocolate Cake for dessert"
or "Today os going to be sunny and 70s!"

by Mumsie Dogma February 08, 2009
A canine purchased or acquired solely for enhancing one's masculinity and street cred-- often more by its reputaton rather than reality.
Ohh yes, he got him a dick-dog Pit Bull. Too bad the pooch likes to love on him more than growl.

That pansy-ass deputy got himself a Rottweiler. Now he's got a REAL dick-dog.
by Mumsie Dogma October 30, 2011
A combination of frustration and fluster/ed. A GREAT southern word!
To flustrate is to be with my children

I was flustrated after I found out the store was closed when I got there.

Today was one flustration after another. or
by Mumsie Dogma February 09, 2009
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