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Originated from within the early ghettos of Los Angeles in the early 1990's. When the rap and hip hop culture became famous among teens. Most claimed to be gangsta when infact, they were nothing more than scene kids, some stayed with the fad, others moved to newer fads such as the "emo" scene. Originally was created by the African Americans later was adopted by the Native Americans and later by Hispanics.

Broken down contraction of: Wack-Ass Gangsta

Usually white, wearing " gangsta " clothing brands and most likely grew up in a above middle class neighborhood. Though most claim to grow up in the ghetto side of the city, 99% of them have never seen a REAL ghetto. Most Wanksta's claim to be gangbangers or thugs when in reality, they are nothing more than kids who are attempting to rebel against something their parents didn't want them to do.

Sadly, most Wanksta's think it's cool to be a gangbanger. In reality, most REAL gangbangers wish they werent in the situation they are currently in and probably will always stay in.
I am a gangsta, I grew up in the ghetto. My parents didn't get me that "I-POD Nano" for christmas, nor those 200$ shoes. I don't wear baggy pants, I don't say "nigga" or talk like a fucking retard.

"Hey, check out that wannabe wanksta"
"Oh snap, that wanksta is getting jacked"
by Mulphia December 29, 2006

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