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6 definitions by Mulleted Hessian!

The best flash video ever. Features Alex Chiu,Adolf Hitler,Hello Kitty,Black Mage,and more!!!
Mama was burning a hole in my aunt...please let me down to HOLD THE KETCHUP
Eeiiight tequilas to feel up my lice...SUUUBMARINE burning in hell!
by Mulleted Hessian! October 16, 2003
51 10
The longest song I've EVER heard. It's awesome though.
I was Dancing Mad from 6/9-9/11!
Wait,that's something different...
by Mulleted Hessian! October 16, 2003
31 11
I thought that JaRule was getting a rimjob from that diseased orangutang,but then I thought,"Oh,it's only Ashanti."
by Mulleted hessian! October 18, 2003
4 2
Bobby Trendy
Dude,I watched Anna Nicole last night,and that flamer Bobby Trendy was on it.
Yeah,he's gay!
by Mulleted Hessian! October 16, 2003
7 6
A horrific show on Cartoon Network. I thought all was well and it went to hell after Billy and Mandy got more votes,but they brought it back. The worst part is the animation (or lack thereof)
I thought Robot Jones was bad,but then CN put Hamtaro on..
by Mulleted Hessian! October 15, 2003
9 17
a pair possessed ONLY by Sturm Brightblade!
HotL Crew: Sturm then ordered... MJ cologne-milkshake... soothed his...
Sturms Mustache: Silver dollar nipples!
by Mulleted Hessian! October 30, 2003
8 49