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A Text or IM sent during masturbation. The recipient of the Text or IM is usually unaware of your current affairs.
I was talking to my GF last night, she had no idea that it was an ooska.
is the acronym for:
Playing My Bass While Simultaneously E-Mailing You. Used when someone asks what you are doing, and you are either actually playing a bass, or in some circumstances, Masturbating.

You could also use PMBWSFYA.
PMBYSFYA stand for Playing My Bass While Simultaneously Fragging Your Ass, if you want to tell your opponent how crappy they really are.
>What Are you doin?
--PMBWSEMY. what are you doing?

>D00d!, U suk I'm PMBYSFYA,
--Shut the hell up, I haven't played in a while.
a healthy blend of the word Fuck and the sound AARGH (as in if you were a pirate)

may also be used in place of the word, shit

(you fall down) "oh Fargus!"

to say something such as fuck you, say: "Fargum on you"

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