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Around 2 years ago Party rules was founded. It start among the realm of Xbox live and spread quickly, definitions grew and now it can be followed as a way of life. Party rules is a life force for which selected individuals look to to gain knowledge on how to live their lives and to make important decisions. Lots of things can be party rules for example, Hair cuts, cheap alcohol, holiday destinations, The draganov sniper on call of duty 4 and Sweating.
A: "Dude they didn't have any Carlsberg so I had to get Tennents Super"

B: "Thats Party Rules!"

A : "Hey man, up for some Party Rules later?"
B :"Na, the girlfriend is round"

A :"WTF that's not PR!"

B: "I know, I'll try and sneak some sweaty PR in as soon as she falls asleep"


A: "Bro, Your Dad has a 'Party Rules' Beard!"


A: "Shit, that dude just got rinsed by my Draganof blindfire"
B: " He got Party RULES'd"
by Mugabeeee April 20, 2010
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