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6 definitions by Muffingirl

An uberfully hot Japanese man who starred in The Last Samurai. He is sort of the Japanese reincarnation of Orlando Bloom.
Shin Koyamada is such a bishie...*drool*
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
8 2
a hyper and cheery girl. Comes from the japanese world for raspberry.
Seiji wouldn't go to the dance with her, because he thought she was too much of a rasuberi.
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
0 3
The neice of The Muffin Man, from the classic song, "Do you know The Muffin Man?"
That J-pop CD belongs to Muffingirl.
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
3 9
A friend of Kerrigan and Ark in Legendary Frog's flash videos. She is Sal's girlfriend.
Senya likes video games.
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
6 14
1. Those byuu-tiful things in the sky made of water vapor.
2. A byuu-tiful bishie from Final Fantasy.
3. Jaela Cloud's byuu-tiful last name.
I want to paint the clouds at sunset.
Cloud is so gorgeous.
Cloud, you are so boy-crazy.
by Muffingirl September 26, 2004
7 33
a boy-crazy schoolgirl, coming from the Japanese word for strawberry.
Jaela-chan is such an Ichigo, she falls for every guy she sees.
by Muffingirl September 25, 2004
74 196