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The sudden rush of motivation one feels after viewing pictures (or other media) of something that He/she desires. Often times this motivation is undermined by the fact that it is almost entirely fed by only temporary jealousy rather than the deeper seeded and longer lasting burn of a justified passion. In all cases, however, photovation can be used beneficially as a source of energy by the opportunists among us. Otherwise, it is generally seen as detrimental to ones good mood while also being instrumental for being somewhat productive, despite its short lifespan.

Every time you see Jessica Alba in a picture with Cash Warren.

8 am
wake up..
check email
check facebook
"_______ is in a relationship with ________"
irritable face twitch of slight and carefully hidden jealousy

increase in gym attendance for the next couple of weeks
by Muffin-man41 April 25, 2011

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