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A plane in which Chuck Norris made and flew after watching and being inspired by the movie "Top Gun."

But seriously now, the North American X-15 is, to date, the fastest and highest-flying aerodynamically supported machine ever built.

Compared to the SR-71 Blackbird, the X-15s closest rival, in these catagories:
------Top speed--Highest altitude
SR-71__Mach 3_______89,000 ft.
X-15__Mach 6.72____354,200 ft.
Person 1: You know that the X-15 burned more than 16.5 tons of rocket fuel in 3 minutes on its record breaking flights?
Person 2: Damn, that truely is Chuck Norris' kind of plane.
by Muffen-Man May 02, 2009
Pronounced "score-nado"
The disorganized and messy appearence of ones bedroom, which promts the saying "did a tornado come through here?" Is the result of a rather physical night "under the sheets."
Dude 1: dude! This place is a mess! Did a tornado come through here?

Dude 2: with the date I brought home last night, its more like a scorenado came through here!

Dude 1: dude! Nice!

Dude 2: you can stop saying dude now.
by Muffen-Man June 22, 2009
A man whose aspirations are completely obsolete when compared to the Muffen-Man.

Muffin man currently resides in Muffen-Man's old house on Druery Lane, Muffen-Man gave it to muffin man in search of bigger and better things as he moved into what was formerly known as the Neverland Ranch.

Muffen-Man is best known on the gaming platform "Playstation 3" (PSNID: Muffen-Man) he is a master, among other games, of the game "Burnout Paradise" by the developer "Criterion Games."
Person 1: Do you know the muffin man?
Person 2: who cares, Muffen-Man is so much better at life than him. Hes a washout compared to that beacon of community spirit.
by Muffen-Man May 02, 2009

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