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Real music (Not Korn or Limp DickZit) that I still like even at 31 years old!
by Muff Diver October 17, 2003
Androgenous in nature. Wishes adversaries to be expelled and/or admonished but lacks the ability both in life and character to make it happen.

Pent up sexually so lashes out at dominant Muffmen.
Sheeplike. Herdfollower. Yesman.

Grubeslike. Young,dumb,full of cum.
by Muff Diver March 05, 2004
when a woman who loves munching box gets a haircut that could be mistaken for a man's if viewed from behind
Person 1: Is that a dude?
Person 2: No it's just some lesbo bitch with dyke spike.
by Muff Diver April 19, 2005
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