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Well known name for East Cowes, a small town on the Isle of Wight inhabited by people with 6 fingers and extremely limited self respect
We're just entering monkey town, roll yer windows up!
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011
As for bifter. A joint, a fat one, a doob....
Yo, rack up a bim dude!
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011
Smallest unit of measurement known to man
I was a gnats knob away from catching that fucker who nicked my horse box
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011
A stupid person, a retard. If you're still not sold just put your tongue between your front teeth and say 'Escalator!'
Woah, I just missed my mouth with my beer, what an escalator!
by Muddy Trump March 17, 2011

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