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The patterns of behavior frequently exhibited by (usually) young people who have recently come out, guided by a thirst to discover a world containing homosexuality and other homosexuals than themselves, which may strongly contrast to the heteronormative world they grew up in. Common behaviors include reading gay literature or watching gay films, using Wikipedia to memorize the names of all gay celebrities, or joining a gay club or group to meet friends or potential lovers. An occasional related behavior is the consumption of slash fanfiction.
When I had New Gay Syndrome, I read a bunch of lesbian romance novels. Glad I got that out of my system!
by MudFlap33 September 15, 2010
An occurrence that evokes conflicting feelings of revulsion and arousal.
When he asked if he could sco-jo me, I replied, "That's sick/hot!"
by MudFlap33 November 26, 2008
The action taken at the moment when a bicurious woman realizes she is definitely straight.
"That's the good thing about lezzing out; you can lez back in if you don't like it."
by MudFlap33 August 26, 2011
n. Physical awkwardness occurring between bros and brahs at the moment their "fraternal" relationship takes a turn for the Greek.
In a sick/hot moment when their eyes met through the haze of booze at the frat party, Erick's and Zack's sudden, unintended broners told them that nothing would ever be the same between them again.
by MudFlap33 August 06, 2011
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