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When you take that last hit of some weed and burning embers fly into your throat burning the back of the throat for hours.
"UGKK!" -Me
"Pipe shit on you? What up yo?" -Homie
"Yeah, but worse. Throat burn, yo. Mile high fireflys!" -Me
"Haha!" -Homie
by Mud E York May 20, 2013
When the bowl is almost done and the chances of ash being sucked through are very high. The last hit in a bowl. Generally not even a good hit.
"Hey can I get a hit of that? Is that still going?" - Dude
"Yeah, dude, go for it. It's chanced, though." - Me
by Mud E York August 12, 2013
When some asshole burns up all the green in the pipe with one hit. The opposite of cornering a bowl.
Example 1:

"Dude! Sorry! I didn't mean to mow the lawn but this wind is insane!"

Example 2:

"Hey, you wanna smoke with Franz?" - Dude
"Fuck Franz! He always mows the lawn." - Me
by Mud E York August 12, 2013

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