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1 definition by MuckMack

A word used best to describe people: incapable of acting their own age, who take pleasure in pestering someone through cruddy little voice mails and texts..., that get a kick out of arguing with people younger than them, sucking up to kids 6 YEARS younger than them, using eleven year olds instead of themselves to spy on people FAR better than them, people who're friends with fat kids that can only achieve a state of happiness through sucking up various body parts of their body with a vacuum, people that call themselves original but quite obviously are just another run-off-the-mill wemo AND take pictures of themselves bending over in disabled toilets (which says a lot about them) with toilet role on the floor in the background (which they obviously forgot to wipe their ass with - another 'Twat' characteristic) :
ttaM the Twat
by MuckMack August 20, 2009
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