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1 definition by Muchograndeeeaa

1. Two people (or any other creatures capable of having sex) that often engage in the act of sexual intercourse with each other.

Originating from a conversation on bullshit feminist literature (The Awakening, A Doll's House) in Ms. Winkle's 3rd period AP Literature class on Thursday, January 19th, 2012, between Alec Luis and Raamis Hussein.

2. Uptight people who get shit done...
1Ex. Raamis: "Dude, they have lots of sex..."

Alec: "ya, they must be "do-ers"".


Raamis: "Dude that's awesome!"

Alec: "Hell ya, Im gonna enter that shit on Urban Dictionary"!

2Ex. "He gets his shit done..."

"Ya, he's a real do-er..."

"Yes he is, but he's also a virgin..."

by Muchograndeeeaa January 20, 2012