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A member of a circle of friends who only has his place due to his mental retardedness enciting some comedy value.
Prima: "Durrr hi guys!!!"
Secunda: "Who's that?"
Tertia: "Oh, that's Tim, our Comedy Retard."
by Muaka October 17, 2010
A slang term for someone cutting their wrists, as it appears like someone playing a violin with their veins as the string and the blade as the bow.
Not to be confused with the gesture of the same name.
"I didn't see Jeremy today. He's probably in his room, playing the ol' Wrist Violin to Linkin Park."
by Muaka June 27, 2009
The vacuum in which no swag can exist, the very opposite of swag.
That guy has so much swog.
by muaka February 21, 2012
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