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2 definitions by MuPie

A bum off the street or walmart that is incredibly cute/hot. This word was created to differentiate attractive bums from the many unattractive ones.
Wow, that babe is sure a mub.
by MuPie January 17, 2005
Mu is another way of saying moo. It is a subsitution of saying any word or phrase. There can be an almost complete conversation of just this word.
Bob: So I hear you think Kristina is hot?
// Jim Shakes head as to say no.
Jim: Mu!
// Bob makes a look as to say "Why not?"
Bob: Mu?
// Jim makes a mater-of-factly look.
Jim: Mu!
// Bob makes an understanding look.
Bob: Mu.
by MuPie December 05, 2004