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Unorthodox hairstyle, which entirely doesn't complement the face of the head that it sits upon.
Since it becomes the main focus of the Person in question, the person is defined as wanny hair.
Hey, get a load of that Wanny Hair. Surely he/she could avoid the plight of that, like by wearing a shower cap or something.
by Msyrinx May 08, 2007
An individual whose life revolves around the the creation of plaster and plasterboard products. This may be an employee of a plaster related manufacturer, or merely a lover of building products or building activities.
Stuart: "Hey, i think i'll work late, so that more plasterboard will be available to the world."

cowp: "No way, don't you have a life or something, you stucco arse."
by Msyrinx May 08, 2007
an object without function, usually a discarded piece of food or a useless component from some larger assembly of objects.
'look at that wanny some dumb shit's fly tipped by the roadside'
'mind you don't step in that pile of wanny'
by msyrinx May 08, 2007

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