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A person who holds the view that the existence of a deity cannot be proven nor disproven, but personally leans towards the idea of there not being one. In this case, agnostic is an adjective. "Atheist" has to do with belief, and "agnostic" has to do with knowledge. Two completely different animals, but can be applied to each other. Basically, a person who doesn't know and doesn't believe.
Guy: So what are your religious views?
Agnostic atheist: I'm an agnostic.
Guy: So you're just a pussy atheist?
Agnostic atheist: No, you idiot. I'm an atheist, too. I'm an atheistic agnostic, or an agnostic atheist.
Guy: Huh??
by Mswordx23 November 22, 2009
The strange and ominous time where things in band class suddenly get from rowdy to calm. During this time, the drum major(s) and colorguard will merge with the main band, and the directors seem more friendly.
Freshman: What? I'm seeing flaggirls without flags or rifles, and the drum major isn't a narcissistic ass?! What the hell is going on?!
Junior: It's concert season dude...
by Mswordx23 November 10, 2009

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