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Device used to secure arm, leg or neck when shooting dope. Such as a belt, cloth or cord of some type.
I'm tying on a slipknot, cuz my ropes are brokedown & I need a fix.
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003
A device used by dyslexic pot-smokers
Hey, pass me the gnob after you put some fresh water in it.
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003
Act of shooting dope
I'm gonna spike this hot shot right after I cook up.
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003
A colloquial expression used to describe different levels of either temperature, moods, physical appearance, etc...
1. Damn...he's hotter than a dog's ass!

2. It's hotter than a dog's ass in here!

3. The boss is madder than a dog's ass right about now.
by Ms. MJKeenan October 16, 2003
Bomb Chronic
Dude, check out this biggity biggity Bizomb!!! Quick, Load your GNOB
by Ms. MJKeenan October 17, 2003
a term used for Veins when shooting drugs
Damn...look at this big rope, I can't to tie one on!
by Ms. MJKeenan August 11, 2003

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