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Inappropriate humor during matters of seriousness to lessen the dread of reality
The Terminator said, "Your levity is good, it relieves tension and the fear of death. "
by mrwordman December 05, 2010
The content inside hot pocket sideshots food source.
Those hot pocket sideshots have diarrhea toilet mash inside them.
by Mrwordman March 05, 2011
adj. - modifies persons, typically, who have made mistakes that exemplify stupidity. It can also be used as an expletive to denigrate another either humorously or on purpose. Other words include fumblechumpery, fumblechumpness.
Look at what he did - he's a fumblechump.
Little Johnny he broke the glass of milk - poor fumblechump.
by mrwordman December 16, 2009

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