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the act of farting and shitting in your pants at the same time.
i just sharted i have to go wipe
by MRstone August 17, 2009
It makes this world we live in simpler and more pleasurable.

It is a miricale plant that does less damage to your body then alcohol and cigarettes.

You cannot become addicted to it like you can to coke, meth, cigarettes or alcohol and has never caused anybody to O.D. or die EVER.

The only reason it is illegal is because our government would rather us become addicted to other substances such as cigarettes or alcohol so we keep buying them and putting money in there pockets.
Lets smoke some weed and get away from some of our problems.
by MRstone August 29, 2009
a random is somone usually meet while playing a online game.
they are usually no life geeks who sit around all day playing games and send you messages trying to make fun of you while they sound like a 12 year old boy.
that guy xToasterboyxX sent me a message because he shot me. what a random.
by MRstone August 17, 2009
A meeting which takes place through email, instead of in person.
Scott canceled the meeting and sent a meetmail instead.
by mrstone July 14, 2014
a mexican bread that has been squashed flat by nike factory workers.
this tortilla taste like sneaker
by Mrstone August 26, 2009

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