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2 definitions by MrsKangMinHyuk

Refers to fans of the Korean boy-group SHINee, Who are Taemin biased. (their favourite member is Taemin)
'Do you like SHINee?'

'Omo! I LOVE SHINee!'

'Who is your favourite member?'

'I am a die-hard Taemint!'

'Really? me too! Taemin is just so adorable!'
by MrsKangMinHyuk July 13, 2011
Member of the Korean Boy group 2PM
So I heard you like K-pop. what fandom(s) do you belong to?

I am a Hottest, Boice, SONE, and a Shawol!
by MrsKangMinHyuk July 13, 2011