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An 18 year old pop singer from Canada. He made his rise to fame with his first single One Time after being found by Scooter Braun & signed to Usher.
Justin is a talented singer, dancer & actor. He has a girlfriend named Selena Gomez (Wizards Of Waverly Place star).

He is attractive, talented, funny, adorable, sweet, loving & has gained millions of teenage girls hearts across the world.

He has many albums -- My World, My World 2.0, My World: Acoustics, Never Say Never: The Remixes, My World: The Collection, Under The Mistletoe & his new upcoming album Believe. He also has his own documentary film: Never Say Never. It shows the countdown to Justin's first performance at Madison Square Garden (With a sell out of 22 minutes). It also gives background information of Justin's life with interviews from his grandparents, mother, crew and friends.
Justin supports a lot of charities across the world -- Pencil of Promis for example. It is managed by Justin's manager's brother.

At the moment, Justin has 22 Million+ Beliebers following him on Twitter. With over 40 million Facebook likers on his official Facebook page.

Justin Bieber's fans named themselves 'Beliebers'. They will attack you like a Lion hunting down a deer. They are the biggest fanbase in history, right before Lady Gaga's 'Little Monsters'.
"OMB! Justin Bieber is perfect!"
by MrsBieber May 20, 2012

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