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George W. Bush and Richard Cheney and the U.S. Supreme Court, and all members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, and all 50 wicked sister state governments and their actors, and the very law of the United Sheibstaats of America.
"The Devil came here today, right here. ... It still smells of sulfur. ..." Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela
#devil #evil #wickedness #babylon the great #mother of harlots #evil empire
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
These are CD's containing the names and addresses and social security numbers and other identifers of those convicted of any conduct an extreme right wing, neofascist majority wishes to define as any sex offense. This is a specific category of humans targeted for sub-human treatment and status by a modern day lynch mob. Being seen naked by a peeping Tom or Toni, through your own window, could make you into a sex offender, and, thereafter, you will be equated with those who molest little children and then murder them. The issuance of the Megan's Law CD is to ensure and even encourage societal vigilanteeism and vengeance, while officially discouraging it with idle threats of prosecutions that will never be brought. Megan's Law is a societal overreaction to a horrible reality society is causing--sex offenders--and it a by-product largely of hysteria fanned by law enforcement and extreme right wing politicos who wish to capitalize on the climate of fear they say they will save you from with even harsher and more severe, Draconian, modern-day Blue Laws. The Megan's Law CD is the 21st Century equivalent of the Witch Hunts of Salem. It doesn't protect the public it only creates a niche for imposing targeted but condoned cruelty, often against marginalized citizens with severe health care needs but no real threat to society.
Nancy: Did you get your Megan's Law CD's information today?
Betty: Yeah, sure did, now I can go and get that sick pervert on the other side of town and destroy his life! I feel so powerful!
Nancy: What did he do?
Betty: Well, he's a sex offender, that must mean he raped a little infant and cut off her head, after torturing the poor thing for six months!
Nancy: Ah, well, he was, ah, arrested for indecent exposure--he was nekkid on his front lawn, tanked.
Betty: So what! That sick pervert! I want him slaughtered!
#megan's law #cd #climate of fear #organized lynch mobs #deliberate political assissination #black ops
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
The Evil conservative is an exceedingly wicked person who gains in his or her personal career by advancing injustice and cruelty to a marginalized segment of society. These people are exceedingly cruel and heartless because they are kicking and destroying what is ALWAYS MARGINALIZED AND defenseless. (Thus, for example, amputees who are poor do not get prosthetic appliances because NEOCONwar plans of world conquest need support, even though the wealthy elities get massive tax refunds, during the same war period.)The primary weapon of the evil conservative is, of course, evil, which begins, invariably, with slander. Slander need not be as defined at American law, it is the deliberate degrading of another human being to sub human status, to a status low enough to "legitimize" all others kicking and destroying them. To an evil conservative a human being cannot change, reform, he or she is defined by the greatest mistake they ever made. Thus, for example, it isn't "murder of a human being" if you kill a drug addict, to the evil neoconservative, it's killing a lower life form known as a drug addict. Examples of evil conservatives are Dick Cheney (quite possibly the most wicked man to ever live), Don Rumsfeld (a very, very close runner up), I "Scooter" Libby, (who is being prosecuted for his wickedness) Douglas Feith (a exceedingly sinister devil), David Wurmser (a known closet neofascist), Richard Perl (he's just insane or quite possibly possessed by the Devil), the entire GOP Congress (an exceedingly evil bunch of wicked conservatives), and 3/4 of all sitting judges on any modern American Court ( who say they are bound to follow wicked and evil laws even though when the Nuremburg Judges of fascist Germany did it by obeying the Nuremburg Laws American-led justice sentenced them to life in prison, saying the courts had a duty to not follow evil law.)
Did you know that Richard Cheney made sure the Social Security Administration changed its rules to make sure that all disabled amputees who are not indpendently wealthy were treated with deliberate cruelty?

No, I didn't, what did he do?

He made them change their rules to say that a man missing a leg isn't disabled IF an artificial leg, that he doesn't have and the SSA won't pay for and he cannnot afford to buy it and won't have one in order to work, would enable him to work and he is, therefore, NOT DISABLED!

That evil conservative! Why did he do that?

Because Dick Cheney wants the American government to resemble his father, the Devil.
#evil #wicked #devil #demon #twisted soul #republican #gop
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 27, 2006
Filthy faggot is a euphemism for a lurid and flaming stick, thus can actually refer to a flaming log or a cigarette, as in Jack London, for example. In the more modern world, such a perjorative term is directed at those who are close relatives of that wicked species of mankind known as the "fudge packer." These vile creeps like to pump the piles and pound the stick in rancid gut gravy, or crack paste, as if they were on a ride at Disneyland. These are exceedingly lurid people, possibly possessed by wicked fag devils, and they are one and all totally sick'd out of their blooming fruits!
Do you know that filthy faggot?
#filthy faggot #pervert #queer #pile pumper #gut gravy pumper #top
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 20, 2006
A faggot is a derogatory or slang term for a homosexual, that probably was derived from the British English term--fagging--where younger boys fagged for the older boys. These fags often were subjected to sexual abuse by the older boys. Likewise, the term faggot is a metaphor now applied as a perjorative to exceedingly promiscuous homosexuals who are deemed to be like a bundle of flaming sticks, tied together by obscene lust and depraved sexual appetites. The additional term of filthy is to distinguish such a faggot from those who merely prefer the same sex, e.g., fags or gays. Once the older boys defiled and spoliated the younger fags in Britain, usually by forcing them to receive unprotected anal sex, these younger boys or fags were now filthy faggots. Thus this is a perjorative term for a dangerous and reckless fag or faggot or any other person who goes fagging about.
He is such a filthy faggot!
#filthy #faggot #queer #gay #top #bottom #stink
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
This is that new breed of American female, arrogant, violently self absorbed, wickedly vain, a woman that spends a great deal of time each day on her appearance but gets disgusted by any male that notices her other than whom she seeks to attract. The "she wolf" is rabbidly neofascist, aka neoconservative, and she is wickedly opinionated. She secretly hates men and jumps at any opportunity to destroy any male by slander, ridicule, contempt. The upstart network FOX NEWS has more "she wolf bitches" than any other network.
Did you watch the Nancy Grace show, what a she wolf bitch!
#she wolf bitch #fox news #man hater #full time sex offender sleuth #feminist #nancy grace
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 20, 2006
This is almost always a female, typically frumpish and often overweight, and often times a wannabe she wolf bitch, with a great deal of time on her hands. She spends hours and hours and hours searching the internet, local Megan's Law CD's, for any sex offender that she can totally destroy. Her secret goal is to cause at least 10 registered sex offenders to commit suicide or to be slaughtered by overzealous citizens that she strives constantly to incite to a murderous rage. She has no ability to distinguish between a male nude jogger and/or drunk man naked on his back porch, and a real sex offender, a man that molests little children. A "sex" offender is any man that she subjectively believes offends her notions of sex, which she can, due to current popularity, totally destroy. These full time sex offender sleuths are often passed over by men they are attracted to or such men use or have used them for sex and then often dump them. This is her way of gaining vengeance against every man that has "sexually offended" her by passing her by or using her for sex.
T.V. talk show host: "So, you arranged a local mob to smash the windows of his car, kick in his door, break his window with rocks, cause him to get fired from his job, and then you all stood in a vigil outside his house, with posters that say, "Infant Rapists Aren't Welcome Here." Did you know that this man never raped any infant and was arrested for being naked in his own back yard?

Full Time Sex Offender Sleuth (salivating with frenzy and perverse joy): "No, but it doesn't matter! He's the same as a infant rapist and murderer as far as I am concerned. Besides, we girls get to destroy men this way and it makes us feel so very powerful. We love destroying men's lives, that will teach them!"
#man hater #she wolf bitch #sleuth #sex offender sleuth #frumpy #too much time on her hands.
by Mrs. Sajuaro September 22, 2006
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