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a situation in which the male genitalia, mainly the ball sack, is positioned so that the nuts are separated by the seam in ones sweat pants, running tights or other soft material other than jeans. (also known as the Moose Knuckle)
"Bob should NOT wear spandex without underwear anymore, his man camel is offending Grandma."
by Mrs. Hotits Ann Asses February 22, 2010
Flushing soup is the act of one's sperm being flushed down the toilet, whether it be directly from the penis or from a mouth.
I caught my boyfriend flushing soup the other day and boy was he embarrassed!
by Mrs. Hotits Ann Asses May 05, 2009
When one shit's oneself and then proceeds to waddle to the bathroom.
I was holding my coffee cup when suddenly I thought I farted when actually I shit my self and schwaddled my way to the can.
by mrs. Hotits Ann Asses May 04, 2010
Regarding the employment industry; a group of 4 or more people coming in to fill out an application for employment with only 1 person that speaks english.
Here comes a douche kabob, want to place bets on which one speaks english?
by Mrs. Hotits Ann Asses July 12, 2010

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