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The most thoughtful, Sweetest, Cutest, Nicest guy you will ever come upon. He has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes. He's and Irish boy who is the best. He doesn't get a lot of attention while being in The Band ONE DIRECTION and that may sometimes put him down. But he should know that he has millions of fans cheering for him, and that they would do about anything for him & he totally deserves more time and solos in 1D's songs. And we just love him for him. You can just watch any of his videos & you would be laughing because of his cute humor. He's super smart and is a one of a kind Niall. He's different than all of the guys out there because he is original and will always be. everything about him is perfect and you can never go wrong with him. And a lot of hates has been sent to him, but your fans will always be here for you. I Love You Niall James Horan. <3
Niall Horan reading twitter: F*** you Niall. You suck. (BLAH BLAH BLAH ETC. )

Girl 1: Niall, don't let their hurtful words get to you because they are just jealous that you have millions of girls chasing and falling for you and they don't. Us Niallers love you for who you are and nothing can stop us from loving you. So keep your head up. They are just jealous that they aren't a Niall Horan. Now go to Nandos and eat all their food. LOVE YOU. Forever and always.. You're true Nialler.
by Mrs. A Horan June 21, 2012

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