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One that likes to prance around naked in all places. Commonly found in nude camps - perticularly in Nebraska- where pies are aplenty. Fond of cheese, pies and mullets. Prancing Charlies dislike toilets and all things that are not coated in pie scented cleaner.
Naked Prancing Charlie, aka Mrs Bernard Clark (just kidding, HE'S MINE!)
by Mrs Very Hairy Lee April 28, 2005
Johnny Borrell is most commonly described as a sexy animal (that lets us enjoy some of his sexyness by ripping his shirt off at most concerts, though for some unknown reason not his trousers). Comes very close to the sexiness of the one known as Hairy Lee. Whatever you may hear, he is not arrogant, pompous and definitely not a twat, but yes, he is one to be feared (Johnny IS rather dashing in a joust).
AKA Naked Johnny (or naked Johnny in the cinema)
by Mrs Very Hairy Lee April 29, 2005

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