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A lovely girl who is very caring, she will do anything to help you out!

She is usually 1 in 10,000
1. "Woah, she gave you the worksheet"
2. "She must be a Jaalannee"
by Mrpotatohead May 08, 2013
To worship a celebrity as a God.

This word can be found scrawled onto Sam Endicott's (of The Bravery) knuckles.
Over time, The Spice Girls somewhat unfortunately became lionized. Thankfully those who did this finally woke up and plunged The Spice Girls into a pit of global hatred. Justice has been served.
by mrpotatohead June 03, 2005
adjective, exclamatory

Synonyms: amazing, fantastic

Word expressing delight at something
That gig was orgasmic!
by mrpotatohead June 02, 2005

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