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Runescape is a MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) that I play. I am 14, but I am not annoying, so please don't discriminate against me.

Runescape would be good if it weren't for all the brain dead morons that go around saying "u want fite in wildy" And will follow you around saying "nub" if you refuse, and people that say "by u 2h" and, although that makes no sense, will follow you around saying it until you world hop, knowing that saying "no" or "go away" will result in what I call '"u a nub" bombing'.

Runescape is made by Jagex, a company that is made up of people that disregard your feelings unless you pay them.

Many people hate Runescape because of the stupid morons that play it, but we should be glad for it. If it weren't for Runescape, the morons would go out and buy WoW or Guild Wars (or any good MMORPG)to play, and then they'd be full of the lowly scumbags. 93% of Runescape players don't actually know what a noob is, these are the people that call other people noobs (Although I must add that 67% of statistics are made up on the spot!!). No-one loves them and they're adopted (No offense to adopted people - you're awesome). As a final thing I'll say, I found this website after googling "Runescape is for chumps"!!
Where to begin...
Whilst walking through the wilderness with no armour or weapons, someone about 30 combat levels came up to me and said "u nub" and started attacking me. I ran away, and eventually someone else came and killed the other person
Reason for telling story: So I'm weaker than them. Noobishness is not decide by how many years you waste playing Runescape, it's decided by how understanding of the game you are.

Someone once came up to me and said "I by u 2h 20k". I had a Rune 2h at the time, which is worth around about 55k, so I said "No, it's worth more than that". The guy followed me for about 5 minutes saying "Noob" before I world hopped.
Reason for telling story: It shows how retarded some people are - and that's not the only time I've had something like that happen.

Someone was doing the common scam "Free armour trimming" so, after reporting him, I stood next to him and said "He is a scammer, don't do it. He followed me calling me a noob about 10 times then logged out.
Reason for telling story: Some Runescape players can't handle intelligence.
If you're an intelligent person that plays Runescape, add me. I'm Mrblinkyman.
by Mrblinkyman November 20, 2007

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