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A person from Pahrump, NV. Typically a cheapskate with little knowledge of personal hygiene. Many of them aspire to and are actually elected to local political offices. Pahrumpians shun grooming instruments found in most other parts of the United States such as; toenail clippers, razor blades (women only), and q-tips. Pahrumpians appear in force for unknown reasons on the 1st of every month, driving 1980's model cars that are partially assembled of wood. They can be found feasting in local department stores on goods such as hot dogs.
Don't be feel bad about missing the sale Dave, that guy was a Pahrumpian and wasn't going to buy anything anyways.
by mramazing April 03, 2014
When you go to a metal gig, or any show with a pit and are involved in it.

You then come home and wake up the next morning in agony from all the kicks and bodies that came flying out at you the night before.

Similar to a hangover, but physically more painful.
Guy1 : "Mate, how good was the black dahlia gig last night?"

Guy2: "Yeah it was immense, but i woke up with a terrible moshover."
by Mramazing February 19, 2009

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