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3 definitions by Mr_toasty

When at the end of a night out drinking you offer a goodnight hug to a female friend and attempt to slip a finger in her anus.
I gave Jenny a sweet "Furness-Nightcap" before she went home last night!
by Mr_Toasty February 10, 2011
Motor boating a female friend as a substitute for displaying genuine feelings of strong emotion.
Paul was feeling down as a result of his Chlamidia test results, luckily Jade offered him an Emotia-boat to make him feel better.
by Mr_toasty March 31, 2012
A person or persons displaying their love for Apple products by displaying as many as possible in public places.
Person 1: "have you seen Henry?"

Person 2: "yeah, he was sitting in Starbucks writing on his iPad and listening to his iPod whilst talking on his iPhone"

Person 1: "eugh, that guy is such an iDict"
by Mr_toasty March 26, 2012