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Super manly man antique items that would not suit ill in any type of accommodation. Mostly found in man caves, bachelor pads or any room that is designated as 'lost' in the eyes of the (possible) wife/cohabiting partner. Mantiques can appear in the form of globe bars, a knight's suit of armor, old stuff made from leather, old typewriters/camera's (preferably cased in leather), a bronze bull, a military lantern/or bell and dead trophy animals in any form or shape.
Sir 1: "You Sir, have an excellent taste in mantiques! Jolly good."
Sir 2: "Thank you lad, let's drink some whisky and smoke a cigar. Let me get my smoking jacket."
by Mr_Moustache February 18, 2013
A large and/or tall woman (term preferred for over-muscular types) that could easily rape you in a dark alley if she wanted to.
1. Damn, that's a bear! She would easily be able to beat Mike Tyson in an arm wrestling challenge.

2. She's not a true bear, she's fat but also short.
by Mr_Moustache February 17, 2013
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