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The true name for a fanny pack, which when worn on the front resembles a bumper, mostly only done in Canada where fanny packs are in stile year round!
I went to the casino today and could not help but notice a lot of people sporting Canadian front bumpers while I was there!
by MrT balls September 18, 2010
Leftover napkins from a happy meal or value meal that you leave in the glove of your car in case you have to poop somewhere along the road.
Do you have any Mcwipe left in the car? There is no way I can make it home without dropping a deuce!
by MrT balls July 09, 2011
A luscious pair of Canadian tit's no matter how big or small.
My brother and I saw a girl with a some nice Canaknocker's today at the gas station.
by MrT balls July 04, 2011

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