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A website made for the auctioning and bargaining of maplestory items, but over time, became a website of phail and noobs. Largely similar to 4chan.

Basil Market is also known for having a large quantity of Asian people. This is why there is numerous discussion on pho, ssbm, stereotypes, and pocky. BM is very fun.

DAY 1: Ooh, look what I found! Basil Market! Maple Story auctions, yay!

DAY 2: Why are there so many racist threads, and so much discussion about religion...? =(

DAY 3: Omg, lol. Lok @ teh nub tryin' 2 git famus on basulmerket he tok bout ssbm and his hair lol

DAY 4: 3very1 lok mi vid30 i maek bout mi maple char plz plz plz rate
by MrStalker January 06, 2008
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