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To be so drunk that all one is capabale of is to smoke more hounds and to drink more crowns.
Well biyz I'm not messing i was like a crowned-hound in the fling last night.

You will never get gowl when you are a crowned-hound.
by MrSkark December 14, 2005
Term used in mullingar(Ireland) to describe a lonely looking man.
"Come on up to the fling biyz, i'm standing here at the bar like a divorced bit-lad!"

"I believe Mallards is flittered with divorced bit-lads of a friday"

"Danger Byrnes is no place for a divorced bit-lad bowld gowl has no time for divorced bit-lads... go to the temple of doom where you belong you divorced bit-lad"

"I went to the cinema on my own like a proper divorced bit-lad"
by MrSkark September 28, 2005

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