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The amazing phrase from Dexter's laboratory in the episode "The Big Cheese", when he listens to a French recording overnight to learn said language. This consequentially gets stuck on repeat, on this phrase. The next day all he can say is "omelette du fromage", actually working to his advantage in everything he does (except at the end, when his lab blows up).

Although meant to depict "cheese omelette", this phrase is grammatically incorrect. You should say "omelette au fromage", which means "an omelette with cheese".

Despite this, people still say the phrase "for the lols."
Mike: I only know one french word. Actually a phrase: Omelette du fromage.

Sarah: Dexter's lab?

Mike: Dexter's lab!

Sarah: Hahahaha!!

Mike: Roflcopter Lolmobile!

Sarah: 'o.O?

Mike: Jk.

Sarah: -.-
by MrSchwab December 12, 2009
A man running from the law, one lol at a time.
Example of an outlawl:

dem PoPo's guns went 'Pewpew!' And I was all liek "LOLOLOL".
by MrSchwab December 13, 2009
When you just can't seem to find your roflcopter..
That hippie was rolling in his lolmobile.
by MrSchwab December 13, 2009
Stereotypical name for an obese black woman.
Some Ronda was acting all loud and such next to the local KFC. When the store manager called the police, they could not find any handcuffs big enough for her wrists.
by MrSchwab December 13, 2009

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