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(noun) The person being interviewed in an interview
Hey Bob I have an interviewee coming in today at 4.
The interviewee was excited to be interview today; He got the job!
#syn: candidate #applicant #nominee #misspellings: interveiwee #interviewe
by MrPerson55555 June 11, 2010
Stands for- Fucking Faggot M16 Guy- Mainly refering to someone using the M16 in a game were it is overbearing, bullcrap.
Man, that guy is a FFMG. Every time I walk near him I die.
#syn: a douche #ant: n/a #related words: n/a #misspellings: n/a #and n/a
by MrPerson55555 June 11, 2010
(verb) 1. When you kill someone with the 1960 M79 "Thumper" you say you thump them. (Makes it so it sounds dirty)
2. Can probably replace with fuck so its not too much volgarity
1st Defintion- I thumped two people and got a UAV. (pass tense)
I'm thumping everyone bading. (present)
Next round, I will thump everyone and win. (Future)
2nd Defintion- I thumped your mom last night. (not trying to affend just making the point)
#syn: 1st def n/a #2nd def- fuck #bang #hammer #ant: n/a
by MrPerson55555 June 11, 2010
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