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1 definition by MrOak

Literally speaking, a camper is someone in online games who sits about waiting for somebody to come to them.

I think a more precise definition is somebody who does not have knowledge of an opponents whereabouts/proximity, yet still stays in one place.

It would be accurate to say that the majority of campers have little to no skill, usually they resort to this tactic when they have had enough of being killed playing games 'properly'.

Camping is not considered in the 'spirit' of online first-person-shooters.

People who move around killing could easily do the 'role' of a camper, unfortunately it would be very rare for this to work the other way round.

Campers generally have a high Kill to Death ratio, but will mostly end with less kills and it will be very rare for them to win a match against anything but poor players.

Camping is only partly excusable when player is a sniper or in tactical games, especially ones without re-spawning.
"Why is that guy camping so much - doesn't he get bored?!"

"I'm sure he tried it our way, but failed miserably and has resorted to what you see now."

"But there's a whole game going on out here that campers never see!"

"I know, people should realise you need to lose to get good, not pussy out and camp."
by MrOak January 12, 2010
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