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2 definitions by MrMusicDK

A person who, in spite of their intentions, will act as a catalyst or "troll food" by calling out a troll in the act of trolling.
Person 1 aka The Troll: "I think The Beatles is totally overrated and utterly useless as musicians"

Person 2: "You gotta be kidding! The Beatles has created countless hits - more than any other bands! That alone is proof of their great achievements"

Person 3 in reply to Person 2: "Dude, dont be a troll catalyst! person 1 is obviously trolling - You're feeding the troll"
by MrMusicDK December 16, 2011
Tokanarrow is a Native American name which means
'The one who takes an arrow in the knee'

Taking an arrow in the knee has been suggested, by me, to be a metaphor for taking it up the arse - an arrow that is...
Joe: "Hey Tokanarrow, whats that in your knee"

Tokanarow: "Well I do believe thats an arrow sticking out of my knee - Ohh my"
by MrMusicDK December 06, 2011