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When you have a bowel movement followed by a shower, the smell combines with the steam creating a poo sauna.
"I didn't want to shit and then shower and create a poo sauna"
by MrMojoRisin March 20, 2006
When you jizz in a chick's hair, and it dries and becomes a nasty crusty lock of hair.
"Oh yeah Mr. I-Have-Gremlocks?"
by MrMojoRisin May 06, 2007
A state of semi erection of the penis
When Sean showed Colson his penis, he had a half wood
by MrMojoRisin May 09, 2006
Slang for tech support. Comes from the fact that you usually are put on hold and it plays a musical tune while you wait.
"If you're calling to report a problem, press 1 now."
*Presses one*
"Please hold."
*Song starts*
"Goddamn dial-a-tune!"
by MrMojoRisin May 18, 2006
A physical characteristic of Colson
You friggin chickenhead with your gremlocks
by mrmojorisin May 10, 2007
When someone jizzes in your hair and it becomes a really nasty crusty lock of hair.
I gave a chick a hardcore gremlock last night.
by Mrmojorisin April 28, 2007

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