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When a Person usually Hyper or Loud, or just plain a little "out there" Has the sudden urge do bust a move... or in other words do some kind of sick dance move in a random situation like a grocery store or school.
Mom -> Emma what are you doing


Mom -> ohh was it a bust a move moment

Emma -> Totally
by MrLemman September 26, 2009
The Fang Over similar to the Hang Over.

the feeling of nausea, over tiredness, red eyes and achy bones and muscles
after pulling an all nighter reading the last book of the twilight series
Katie- Hey Emma How are you
Emma- I have a total Fang Over I stayed up till 4 in the morning reading Breaking Dawn
Katie- See i told you not to.
by MrLemman August 20, 2009
When a Parent Pays there son of daughter to pick up the dog crap
part 1

dad - hey jimmy go pick up the dog turds

jimmy - you do it youve got arms

dad - ill pay you

part 2

friend - hey were'd you get all that money

jimmy - its my dump dollars

friend - ohh yes dump dollars
by MrLemman November 22, 2009

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