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Also "insomnambulism"

The act of wandering around your house at night because you can't sleep.

A portmanteau of insomnia (habitual sleeplessness or the inability to sleep) and somnambulism/somnambulation (sleepwalking or performing other acts while asleep).
Jeff: Dude, were you wandering around the apartment last night? I swear I heard you walk past my door twenty times.
Gary: Sorry man, I couldn't sleep, so I was wandering around the apartment.
Jeff: Next time, can you try to confine you insomnambulation to one room?
by MrGryphon April 21, 2013
The action of climbing over or under the divider in a public restroom when you run out of toilet paper as to gain access to the toilet paper in an adjoining stall.
Practitioners of poo parkour may be referred to as "shitraceurs".
Man 1: I ran out of toilet paper and was so desperate I did an Army low crawl into the next stall so I could wipe my ass.
Man 2: That's some serious poo parkour!
by MrGryphon April 07, 2013
A state occuring before heat exhaustion but after heat frustration. Often accompanied by phrases such as "Dammit! It's hot! Why is it so damn hot!"
Get this woman a margarita! She's passed from heat frustration into full on heat bitchiness!
by MrGryphon October 26, 2015

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