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First used in the 2008 super-comedy Pineapple Express, this word was used to refer to any random strain of marijuana the drug dealer is selling, namely a low-potent strain. This is the comical side of the stoner culture as there are hundreds off different, inconsistent names of marijuana strains always circulating.
Dealer: You want to see the Snow Cap i just picked up today?

Stoner: That's not Snow Cap! That just looks like some snicklefritz...
by MrGreen27 September 25, 2008
1) Anyone who believes the best marijuana comes from somewhere other than Venice or the Emerald Triangle.
2) Engineers, physicists, mathematicians, chemists and overall nerds in college who still quote Towelie and have never gotten high themselves, or "...did it one time."
3) Mormon teenagers that finally say "no" to their parents, move from Utah to anywhere else and get jobs at the ski resorts, on the beach, in head shops or somewhere else irie. They may also become drug addicts and move from marijuana to something drastic very quickly, thus instantly nulling the sublime effect of marijuana and ruining their once amazing life.
4) Someone from the east coast that pays more than $100 per ounce for snicklefritz, or more than $300 for quality.
5) Someone who has never seen quality face to face but has only had access to snicklefritz.
"Just because you're a...marijuannabe, stinky-ass motherfucker. Tryin' ta get my shit but you can't you sucka..." Kottonmouth Kings - The Kottonmouth Xperience - Peace Pipe
by MrGreen27 October 23, 2009
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