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The capital of England and Great Britain
Once the capital of one third of the world and a stroll along the many roads and avenues will show evidence of a strong past.
Long ago a industrial city like liverpool,manchester and birmingham which ruled the world.
In present it is full of Homosexuals,Liberals,Immigrants (often muslim and illegal) and other rich Guardian reading Traitors.
The real londoners are branded into this shit group of wankers,we are not all "cosmopolitan metrosexuals" what ever the fuck that means,some are real MEN not beckhamite twats.
Its time for a change london,if we keep on with multicultural bollocks then our downfall is islams victory.
Rise UP London,Rise UP Manchester,Rise Up Liverpool and Birmingham,lets make Britain GREAT again.
The reality is of a liberal muslim capital city

We should stop all this "manc" vs "cockney" or "scouse" caper and join together as englishmen,the same kind who kicked the crap out of the germans in two wars.

Long Live London and England
by MrFrank September 04, 2009

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