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When someone takes something terrible and fixes it/makes it better (opposite of fucking something up).
You really Jim'd it up.

I just Jim'd up my car
by MrDarksideJim April 29, 2013
When someone brags about having an apple product and nobody cares...
"I just got a new iPhone!"
"Nobody cares! Guess you just got iPwned..."
"haha, he just got iPwned"
by MrDarksideJim April 29, 2013
When you accidentally kill the fun in something.
"It's my Birthday!!!"
"Yeah Matt... You are 1 year closer to death..."
"Wow Ryan... You really Ryan'd that up..."
by MrDarksideJim April 30, 2013
A nerd who has completed their Destiny-Quest
After losing my virginity I am now a Destiny-Quest Legend!
by MrDarksideJim April 29, 2013
Confused way of saying "What the fuck"
"I ryt yo leta 2 tall u ey lov u nd tm huuuf dirk jerro <3 "
by MrDarksideJim May 01, 2013
When you are talking and then say a word wrong and just make up words to finish the sentence.
Today I ate soome binz rin ho mo fa fa fa.... Let me start that sentence again... I just shlipdipped...
by MrDarksideJim April 30, 2013
Inappropriate Love At First Sight. When you fall in love with someone but it is really not appropriate like your best friend, best friends sister/brother or with someone when you have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
Looks like I have a sever case of ILAFS!
by MrDarksideJim May 03, 2013

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